It’s time for the biggest four days in the Chicago baseball calendar year. This year’s edition of the Crosstown Classic (Cup, or whatever they call it) will feature two teams currently going in very different directions. The Cubs have soared back into first place in the division after people idiotically declared them dead at the break, and then there’s the White Sox, who haven’t won a single game since said break. 

Regardless of records or playoff aspirations, these four games do matter equally to each team and fanbase. Cubs fans will try to tell you that they don’t really care about the series and that it doesn’t really matter. They will lie through their teeth while showing you a picture of Barrett punching AJ for the millionth time. 

The Sox currently hold/retain the Crosstown Cup after earning a split of the series last year. Cubs fans will continue to whine and moan about how retaining the Cup with a tie is stupid, of course until that rule works in their favor, then they’ll love it. 

Unfortunately the Sox won’t get to see former ace Jose Quintana against them in this series. Maybe that’s a good thing? Who knows. I was looking forward to potentially seeing the Sox go up against Q at The Rate. 

Make no mistake, this is the World Series for the White Sox this year. Basically nothing will really matter after these four games, and if the Sox can find a way to somehow retain the Cup with this roster I’ll chalk it up as a successful season. The odds certainly aren’t in their favor as the Cubs are playing as well as they have all season and the Sox are at their worst. But hopefully the team will have a little extra juice due to the guys sitting in the opposite dugout. 

In reality the games mean zilch outside of city bragging rights. But bragging is fun, and we don’t really have much to brag about with the big league club right now compared to the Cubs. It’s their time, and we’re trying to exist and move forward in it. 

I also mentioned in my season preview about how last time a Chicago team won the World Series there was a massive brawl in the Crosstown Cup the following year. So are we set for some statement making fireworks over the next four days? Time will tell… 

If the Sox manage to steal the Crosstown Cup again, I thoroughly look forward to Cubs fans telling us how it doesn’t matter at all and that Eloy Jimenez is a bust. 

This is our World Series. Embrace it. 

UPDATE: White Sox win Game 1 

The White Sox snapped their nine-game losing skid with a 3-1 win over the Cubs at Wrigley. 

The Sox were backstopped by Miguel Gonzalez’s dazzling effort on the mound, and Anthony Swarzak’s brilliant closing performance coming out of the pen. Offensively they were led by Adam Engel and Matt Davidson, who launched an eighth inning home run out of Wrigley Field and into orbit. 

The White Sox are now one win away from retaining the Chicago Crosstown World Series Championship Cup.