It’s May 16th, and the 2018 Chicago White Sox have already made history.

The pale hose 10-28 record is officially the worst start in franchise history. They have been playing baseball on the south side of Chicago for 117 years. That’s a long time.

From losing three of four to the Twins, blowing two leads against Pittsburgh, then getting pantsed in two of three by your noisy crosstown rivals… it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Since an 8-0 win over Kansas City on April 28th, the White Sox have lost 12 of their last 14, sitting dead last in all of baseball.

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As I wrote about before the Cubs series, we were a tad naive with our expectations going into this season. Many of us, including myself, drank the Kool-Aid that this team could possibly compete this year. In my opinion, those unrealistic goals have amplified recent struggles.

The last two weeks of White Sox baseball have been some of the worst that I can remember. It’s the first sign of “trouble” so far in the rebuild, and with it many Sox fans spent their energy breaking bad on each other and the team over the weekend. Being on White Sox twitter has been like being in the middle of a post-apocalyptic feeding frenzy. It was quite a scene.

Rick Hahn doesn’t have a track record that deserves our trust! Burger is a bust! Rodon is a bust! Fulmer sucks! This front office can’t draft! Is Renteria the right manager?! Patience! Send Giolito down to Triple-A! Kopech and Cease had a bad night! The rebuild has holes in it!

There has been a lot of venting, a lot of anger, and a lot of talking people off the ledge.

Is it too “holier than thou” of me to ask everyone to chill out a little bit?

Like, if you want to mad, go ahead I won’t stop you. But can we all relax just a smidge?

I get it, things really suck right now. No one enjoys losing, or watching really bad baseball. No one wants to hear that things are all sunshine and rainbows right now, because they’re not. But we have to put things in context. This is what a real rebuild looks like.

This was a very good tweet over the weekend showing that the White Sox are right where the Cubs and Astros were during parts of their rebuilds. Last I checked both of those teams are pretty good right now. There’s obviously not a guarantee that the Sox will end up like either of those teams, but the point holds water.

If you’re choosing to be miserable, overly skeptical, and hanging on every win or loss, you’re not going to survive this season, let alone this entire rebuild.

We’ve beaten the horse to death, but this is a process that is going to take time. There is no quick fix or patchwork that is going to solve this (and that includes Eloy Jimenez). The Sox need to keep seeing positive development in the minors, individual progress in the majors, and continue to add quality depth with upcoming draft picks (Primarily No. 4 in June, and likely a Top 5 pick in 2019).

What choice do we, as fans, have other than to believe they’re going to do those things?

I understand the angst from many in the fan base. You have every right to be disappointed. Again, losing is never fun. All I’m saying is don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet.