I am having trouble finding the words to adequately describe what I’m feeling right now. There is really nothing to say.

This is devastating news.

It is primarily devastating for Michael and the team, but it is also incredibly devastating for the fanbase. All of the hope and excitement that has been slowly generated has all of a sudden been swept away and smothered by a massive wet blanket. It is a gut-punch straight to the soul.

2018 cannot end soon enough for the White Sox, who have seen numerous high level prospects go down with injuries. Burger, Dunning, Adolfo, Robert, Hansen… and now top pitching prospect Michael Kopech.

After an improved last few weeks, giving fans hope for a competitive 2019, all of those dreams have now been dashed, and the timetable has been pushed even further back.

This right here is rock bottom for the rebuild. A brutal reminder that as Sox fans we aren’t allowed to have nice things.