You literally could not have scripted it any better.

Eloy Jimenez, the player traded to the White Sox by the Cubs for Jose Quintana back in 2017, homered in his first game at Wrigley – oh by the way in the bottom of the ninth to give the Sox a 3-1 over our crosstown rivals. A freakin’ storybook night.

If we didn’t already have a big enough chip on our shoulder, Tuesday night was like a cathartic middle finger for Sox fans. Finally, a moment of glory for us, however small it may be.

If you’re a Cub fan and you’re annoyed by the reaction to this, I don’t care. You better believe we’re gonna relish the crap out of this. When you get pushed around and ignored for so long that tends to happen.

It’s one of those defining rebuild moments that we are going to look back on as a major stepping stone for this team to get where they desire to go.

Naturally Cub fans acted as if they couldn’t possibly be bothered by such a moment, like they weren’t in the exact same spot five years ago and wouldn’t kill to have Eloy wearing their jersey instead of having Jose Quintana as a fifth starter.

In other words, just another Tuesday for them.

Also, the roar from the sizable contingent of Sox fans in Wrigley when Eloy hit the ball was glorious. What a moment for those people.

Man, how times have changed. In ’06 when AJ hit his iconic go-ahead bomb in the ninth people were grabbing collars and swinging before the ball even landed. May have happened again, but I doubt it given how tame this rivalry has gotten.

I want the hate to be back in Sox-Cubs, and this was hopefully a step in that direction. All we need now is a Timmy bat flip and another brawl.

In short, it was a poetic night for a fanbase far too often held down and swirlied by older brother who’s suddenly become the cool kid on the block.

It’s not that the Cubs suck, because they don’t. It’s not that the Sox are better, because they aren’t. It was just a nice statement that the White Sox will not be a punching bag anymore, locally or nationally.

Before the game I wanted an Eloy homer out onto Waveland. This was the perfect consolation.

Despite what many in blue will try to tell you, the Chicago White Sox did indeed make said statement to the baseball world tonight. A statemant that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

The White Sox are coming in a hurry, and people better be prepared.

PS: This is iconic. Welcome to the family, Eloy.