In an absolutely stunning (or not so stunning) blockbuster trade, the White Sox sent pitcher Jose Quintana to the Cubs for Eloy Jimenez, Dylan Cease, Matt Rose, and Bryant Flete.

The initial reaction across the board has been that both teams have won with this deal, and it’s true. The Cubs have helped shored up their starting pitching with contract control for the next few years, and the White Sox have added some more potential star power and depth to their already loaded farm system. The White Sox now astonishingly have NINE of the Top 100 prospects in all of baseball.

Here’s how those guys now break down:

(1) Moncada, (8) Jimenez, (11) Kopech, (23) Robert, (28) Giolito, (36) Lopez, (59) Fulmer, (63) Cease, (68) Collins

That is a frightening haul for the rest of the league to look at, and the depth behind it is also getting better as well. This was the biggest trade to fall since the Sale deal, and the one we have all been waiting and speculating on. Through all of it, it ended up being a deal with the crosstown Cubs that was barely even leaked out. It broke by press release, something pretty rare nowadays.

Barstool’s WhiteSoxDave and FutureSox will have better in-depth analysis of the four prospects the Sox got in return. I can tell you that there are Giancarlo Stanton comparisons with Eloy Jimenez, and that he’s a big time bat and helps the Sox shore up their outfield depth in the system. Cease comes in as a total dude on the mound, adding to an impressive future rotation. Admittedly, I don’t know much about the other two. Trust FutureSox with their information.

At the end of the day the notion that these two rivals couldn’t make a deal was ridiculous. Hahn and Theo are not dumb people. If a deal was there that was going to be mutually beneficial then it had a shot to happen, and it did. There goes that narrative.

If they weren’t already, this trade cements the fact that the rest of the league has to take the White Sox seriously. They mean business, and are only getting more loaded by the day.

Obviously dealing Jose Quintana is a bittersweet thing. He’s been described as one of the classiest and nicest players in the Sox clubhouse, respected by all. The Cubs definitely got a quality person as much as a quality player.

As I said on Twitter, he didn’t get much help while on the Sox. But he never complained. He just went to work. That embodies everything that the Chicago White Sox are about.

Best of luck (ok maybe not too much) on the north side, Q!