On the eve of the 12th anniversary of the 2005 World Series triumph, the White Sox once again made headlines for being left out of the headlines. 

For the second October in a row, the mainstream sports media forgot about the 2005 White Sox. While tweeting out a statistic about the Dodgers postseason record, ESPN conveniently forgot that the Sox had the same record in 2005. You would think that ESPN would have learned, you know, since they and many others made the same blatant mistake last year. 

But I guess not. They just get a free pass when forgetting basic facts because who cares about the White Sox, right?

AJ Pierzynski had some words to say about it.

Sox fans have become used to being a local punching bag, and ignored nationally by the general baseball public. It comes with the territory. 

Imagine having your greatest accomplishment nationally whitewashed and forgotten over and over again… and people wonder why Sox fans are the way we are.

Regardless, we care, and we care deeply… and today we celebrated what has become a holiday in “Sox-land.” 

October 26, 2005 – the day the Chicago White Sox won their first World Series in 88 years. The day that we wore black, as the Tribune’s John Kass put it, for joy. 

I was only 11 years old in October of 2005. Old enough to be happy, but not old enough to appreciate it or understand the magnitude of what just happened. I remember coming downstairs the next morning to see championship apparel laid out for all of us: hats, shirts, sweaters, pennants, all of it. My dad had gone to the store early in the morning after a late night celebraring. 

My youth sized Sox championship hat that no longer fits on my adult head

The next few days, weeks, and years raced by… that happy and historic moment fading into our memories as a part of history. While the memories may fade with time, they will never go away for those of us proud to be Sox fans.

Every October 26th I get filled with hope for another Sox World Series in the near future, and I am always reminded to never stop believing.

Others may laugh at us, mock us and forget what the White Sox accomplished. 

But we never will.